The Top Low Cost Beauty Box Subscriptions


Beauty Boxes are all the rage right now, and for good reason! There are so many brands and products on the market, and make up can be pretty pricey. Subscribing to beauty boxes can be a super cost effective way of building up your collection and trying out things you may not think to buy.

I have had massive beauty box envy lately! I’ve been reading and watching so many unboxings in awe and disbelief that you get all that neat stuff for $10-30/month!

I’ve done a lot of research while selecting and subscribing to my own boxes, so I figured I would shar some of the top low cost choices currently on the market

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10 Facts About Me



The Allure Blog hasn’t been up for long, but in that short time I have met and had the opportunity  to learn about so many amazing people.

I admit, there has been a lot more tone setting and tip sharing than real personality in my first handful of posts…

I interrupt my usual stream of content to better introduce myself and share a bit more about me!

Here are the first 10 random things about me that came to light when I opened the editor.

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Wednesday Wisdom #2

On Wednesdays, I take a ride on the #wednesdaywisdom bandwagon! Check back every week for inspiring ideas on pretty images made with love, from me to you.


 “A little progress everyday adds up to big results.”

Day 8: The Power of Liberation


I am currently in my second week of conquering a 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse.

The 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse by Debbie Ford is a program designed to help you connect to yourself & your soul’s deepest purpose.

I checked this book out from the library after it jumped out at me from the shelf. I knew I was there searching for something, but I wasn’t quite sure what. When I pulled it off the shelf and scanned he pages, I made a commitment to myself to not only take this journey, but to take from it absolutely all that I could.

I plan to write a more in-depth review of the book and cleanse once I finish, however, as I work through each day I find some days much more inspiring and thought provoking than others.

My first real awakening happened on Day 8: The Power of Liberation.

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5 Ways List Making Can Help Your Anxiety 


When you have anxiety, it can be really hard to focus. Countless thoughts and ideas going through your head all day long can be exhausting.

Buckling down and really accomplishing things can feel like an impossible task when you’re going around in circles.

Many of the things I think about on a day to day basis cause me stress, thus magnifying my anxiety. I begin this vicious cycle of feeling overwhelmed, guilty, and anxious, when all I really want to do is get going.

The best way I’ve found to make sense of all my thoughts and get down to business is to make lists.

This is why I think you should make lists:

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Basic Questions: Why Exfoliate? When and How Often Should I?


There was a time not long ago when skin care to me meant washing my face with whatever cleanser was the cheapest.

Now and then I would pick up pointers from friends or some article somewhere and try them out. I remember this one time someone told me I should look for an exfoliant. The next time I went shopping for “face wash” I bought an exfoliating scrub and replaced my cleanser with it. I know, I know…

When I started learning about skincare, I was overwhelmed. Cleanser, Toner, Astringent, Scrub, Spot Treatment, Mask, Moisturizer. What are all these things? If I am cleansing daily and masking weekly, what is this exfoliating scrub for?

Whenever I pick up a beauty product, I feel just feel confused. Its like I’ve mistakenly walked in to course level 2. The scrub that came with my skincare line, for example, tells me to “use when a deep clean is needed” and that it “works best when paired with” the only thing this package didn’t seem to come with.

Ok… but what? 

If you’re more of a basic girl like me, never fear! I am here to share my notes with you.

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Wednesday Wisdom #1

On Wednesdays, I take a ride on the #wednesdaywisdom bandwagon! Check back every week for inspiring ideas on pretty images made with love, from me to you.


“Happiness is a personal thing. It has nothing to do with anyone else”.

9 Ways I Prepare & Motivate Myself For The Week


I’ve spent a great deal of time rushing around frantically without enough hours and days. There is always so much to get done, and at times taking care of everything can seem like an impossible task.

When I get overwhelmed, I become the least productive person in history, plagued with guilt and self doubt, I feel stranded without a paddle.

My quest to a better life has forced me to become more observant, and there was one main thing I noticed successful people were doing differently.

They were preparing and planning for life before going out into it blindly. So, by stepping out into the world each week without a plan, I was unintentionally setting myself up to fail. I wasn’t working towards anything, so I wasn’t growing or achieving anything spectacular.

One of the most impactful changes I’ve made for myself and my life  been the way I approach the day to day. I see so much importance of stepping into the week with a fresh mind of goals and plans.

Here are 9 ways I prepare and motivate myself for the week ahead…

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A Whole New World – Showing Up Late to the Beauty Party


Hi, I’m Amber. 

Consider me a Reformed Plain Jane.

I was raised by a young, single father. That statement alone should tell you, I wasn’t brought up like most girls.

I can remember grinding my teeth as my hair got brushed with man force. Hanging out and playing video games and pretending I was part of the band with all of my “Uncles”. Dressing in sweats made by Grandma with love over learning fashionable trends. When it came time for girl stuff, I got a book called “Deal With It” by for Christmas, some pads showed up in the bathroom, and not much else was said.

The original rule was no make up until 16. A rule I challenged as early as I could. Explaining to a man why you feel like you need make-up, is futile. Especially to a man struggling to see you as a young woman.

I was a preteen in the year 2000, so I managed to blend in with my misguided choices. We all had bright blue eyeliner, sparkley eyeshadows and bad brows. These days girls are skipping this coming of age moment.. but back in the day, the ugly duckling ritual was REAL. You’d leave the last year of middle school, your mom, older sister, or whoever would innitiate you to womanhood over the summer. You would return to high school a beautiful swan. It was freakin’ magical.

That did not happen for me.

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Where To Find FREE Stock Photos That Don’t Suck


If you really want to draw in an audience, you need to catch their attention. The best way to be eye catching is with bright, beautiful imagery. That’s why stock it is are so important!

When you use images in your blog and social media posts, it’s incredibly important to know where they came from. Unfortunately, the things we share online are often protected by copyright. If you go around saving all of your favourite photos from Pinterest to liven up your own brand, you are asking for trouble. Nothing will ruin the excitement of going viral like a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

I’m a blogger and an avid user of social media, but currently I only have my phone camera. I rely on the generosity of free stock image websites to help me achieve a more inticing and professional look.

Here are my top favourite places to find stunning 100% ROYALTY FREE stock photos.

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