Review: Nair 3-in-1 Removal Cream vs Facial Hair


I recently signed up to Influenster and having been reviewing a lot of products. With that in mind, I got the inspiration to post about my most recent beauty experience. So, it’s time for my first product demo and review!

I think everyone can relate in some way or another to having hair in places they’d rather not have it. For me, that is on my face. My chick-stache, as I affectionately refer to it, has always been an insecurity. I tried various things over the years, at home and in salon, but always ended up with irritation. In the end the bumps and redness were worse to deal with than the stache so I more or less gave up.

Enter Nair 3-in-1 with Sunflower Seed Oil and Green Tea Extract. When dealing with the face, it’s recommended to go for a product designed for the face. The skin on your face is typically more sensitive.

Spoiler: I broke this rule… but I had my reasons.

According to the bottle the 3-in-1 formula depilates, exfoliates and moisturizes. It’s suitable for all hair types and sensitive skin. Made with Sunflower Seed oil and Green Tea extract. It may not have been specific to my face, but I was willing to try it.

What are the benefits of these natural ingredients?

Sunflower seeds oil: rich in Vitamin E and Omega 6 fatty acids. For the skin, this naturally decreases inflamations like acne, sunburns, dermatitis.

Green Tea Extract: Rich in antioxidants which flush toxins out of the skin. This reduces the chance of reacting to acne causing bacteria.

So with this knowledge, I took a chance and spent the $6.

I can’t believe the nerve I have to post so many close ups of my bare face!!

First, let’s start with my before:


Mind my lip cut… It’s been an on going battle all winter…

I washed my face with a gentle foaming cleanser, in warm water. I never use hot water when I cleanse or rinse my face – it dries the skin and increases the risk of inflamation.


Olay Oil Minizing Daily Cleanser.

Following the instructions, I applied a thick layer to the area I wanted to clear. They emphasize thick, even and do not rub in.

I did the best I could, but it was hard to do all 3, so I sacrificed the even part. I also had a hard time not getting it on my lips, so I used a q-tip to clean up the edges.

The wait time is always relative to your skin, hair and the product. They give you a 5-7min time frame with a warning not to exceed 15mins.

I’ve had bad experiences before, and the tingling started after no time at all, so I decided to stick around the bathroom taking selfies. Its not every day you get to beauty model looking like Homer Simpson!


After 5 minutes I took a warm cloth to a little area on my chin. Knowing my upper lip was darker and coarser, I slowly worked my way up and around to give it an extra minute or so. I was vera pleased when it all wiped off smoothly.

I rinsed my face with warm water, and followed up with my current favourite daily moistuizer: Olay Complete.

Moment of panic. Ten minutes later I returned to the bathroom to find the entire area was red. I took some deep breaths, reminded myself my makeup skills had improved, and lathered on more moisturizer.

Here I am the next morning with a bare face. There’s more redness in my uneven skintone, and no more facial hair! Usually by now I would be a little itchy or have a bunch of bumps. After wearing makeup, and using my regular products for a few days, my skin seems content.


  • Cost: $6 (Walmart) and about 15mins of my time.
  • Value: Saved myself $30 at the spa, other products can cost up to $20, and not bein embarrassed by irritation is priceless.
  • Ease of Use: I’ve bought similar lotions in the same price range with an applicator. I was too concern about rubbing it in with my fingers to get it on evenly. It’s fairly thick on its own, and rubs off smoothly.
  • During: It tingles, but nothing alarming. Feels thick but not heavy.
  • Post Use: Slight redness, but nothing you wouldn’t get from a wax. Leaves skin feeling super soft and smooth. That area of my face was still noticeably soft even the next night. It was hard not to touch my face!
  • Use it again? Yes. I have tried many Nair products over the years, and this is my favourite.

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