EBay Fail: The Long Lost Shipment


As an admittedly frugal spender, I do a lot of shopping on eBay. Usually, I am completely happy with my purchases (unless they’re clothes…). When I buy a $1.99 item with free shipping from China, I know I can expect to wait.

When it comes to buying phone cases, I swear by Ebay. The very first purchase I ever made online, and on EBay, was a cellphone case for my Blackberry curve circa 2008. Since then, I have never purchased a phone case in store. Off the shelf, you can expect to pay from $20-60+ while EBay, you can pay from $2-6.

Back on December 16th, I got a new phone. I came home that night and ordered an Otter box inspired dupe from China and paid $3.99US. I expected to see it by the end of January.

Well, January came and went. No case arrived. The seller was incredibly friendly throughout the process, but at the end of February I had lost interest and gotten a refund.

By the time April rolled around I had bought and recieved several other things, dropped my phone a handful of times, anew pretty much forgotten all about the experience.

Flash forward to the last week of April 2017, when I gor a square shaped package in the mail.

I had no clue what it was or where it came from.


You could imagine the shock and excitement when I opened the box to find this mint green beauty!


Seriously, though. I’ve waited 1.5-2months and been accepting… but where the heck has this thing been? I was refunded months ago, so that’s a none issue.

At this point, I think I’m jealous of this package. It has undoubtedly seem more of the world than I have.

On the bright side, the case is beautiful, strong and sturdy. Plus, it ended up being free and free is awesome!

Have you ever had any strange online order experiences? Share your stories in the comments!


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