Laugh At Life: Relateable Day to Day Anxiety Feelings

I have battled with anxiety for years, the worst of it beginning in my twenties. I am often prone to feelings of anxiety,  panic attacks, and as an added bonus, I battle depression. 

When anxiety has me in its grip, my default response was always be to feel bad about myself and life.

This cycle of negativitiy had me stuck in shackles.

The irony of it is, I was always the one holding the keys.

Self loathing didnt get me anywhere but down. Once I realized this and began to accept and make light of my struggles, I started to gain a bit of control over my weaknesses. Though the daily struggle is real, at least I can have a sense of humor about it.

I invite you to laugh along with me, while I walk you through some of my day to day anxiety struggles.

You might just find yourself thinking about them later on and giggling to yourself in stressful times like I try to!

Trying to explain to my friends and family how things are going:

Randomly remembering something embarassing I did 10 years ago, for the 10th time today:


Getting to the grocery store to find a crowded parking lot, which means a crowded store:

When someone I don’t know is nice to me:

How I keep my chill when I’m uncomfortable and can’t find a place to hide:

When I’m way off on a thought train playing out scenarios of doom and someone interrupts me:

When I embarrass myself in public:

When I get asked to make last minute plans:

When I’m stuck somewhere and can’t leave out of obligation or lack of transport:

When anything goes wrong no matter how big or small:

How I feel powering through life most days:

Can you relate?! Share your funny stories and scenarios in the comments below!


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