The Top Low Cost Beauty Box Subscriptions


Beauty Boxes are all the rage right now, and for good reason! There are so many brands and products on the market, and make up can be pretty pricey. Subscribing to beauty boxes can be a super cost effective way of building up your collection and trying out things you may not think to buy.

I have had massive beauty box envy lately! I’ve been reading and watching so many unboxings in awe and disbelief that you get all that neat stuff for $10-30/month!

I’ve done a lot of research while selecting and subscribing to my own boxes, so I figured I would shar some of the top low cost choices currently on the market

Birch Box

Birch Box – $10US

Everyone knows about Birch Box! It is one of the original beauty boxes. It has some amazing reviews and some of the better product partnerships. You are guaranteed to be getting a box full of quality products each month. The downside I’ve gathered is the amount of full size items vs sample size isn’t as great as it used to be. However, this could be due because of better quality brands. It’s like getting a full size drug store vs min high end.


Ipsy – $10US 

One of the most popular, and best reviewed subscriptions within the blogging community. In fact, it’s so popular I was put on a waitlist when I joined this month.

Your Glam Bag comes each month with 5 beauty items tailored to your personal profile. The brands and products never disappoint, and they come complete with an adorable little make up bag.


Beauty Box 5 – $12US

A guaranteed 5 items each month. Plus a full sized gift item when you sign up! They send out a mix of full size and mini products, and focus more on indie brands, so you get to the opportunity to discover a lot of new products.


StarBox – $12US

This is the only brand specific box on this list. StarLooks offers a mini subscription box with 2-3 their top products as well as a full box of 4-5 items. This is an amazing value if you’re just looking to try the brand out, as you can cancel at any time!


Lip Monthly – $12US

5 beauty products each month. Usually 4 items are for the lips and one other surprise. The items are full sized and come with a cute new make up bag every month. When you sign up use code LIPLOVER to get you first box for only $5!



Wal-Mart Beauty Box – $5US

Each season Wal-Mart will send you an assortment of their most popular beauty products. This is ideal  my kind of girl – drugstore products at affordable prices… and honestly, why not treat yourself at only $5 every few months?


Target Beauty Box – $7US

A lot of people have heard about the Walmart box… But did you know Target has one too? Each month you can purchase the beauty box filled with all kinds of the most popular goodies.


Beauty Army – $12US

Beauty Army offers a totally customizable monthly box. You have a list of products to choose from, and can select up to 6, most are travel and sample size, but lip products tend to be full. While I do like the assortment of products, surfing through, it looks like they tend to have a few of the same things on their list each month.


What are your favourite inexpensive beauty boxes? Let me know if you have any suggestions even for lifestyle and home!


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