Day 8: The Power of Liberation


I am currently in my second week of conquering a 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse.

The 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse by Debbie Ford is a program designed to help you connect to yourself & your soul’s deepest purpose.

I checked this book out from the library after it jumped out at me from the shelf. I knew I was there searching for something, but I wasn’t quite sure what. When I pulled it off the shelf and scanned he pages, I made a commitment to myself to not only take this journey, but to take from it absolutely all that I could.

I plan to write a more in-depth review of the book and cleanse once I finish, however, as I work through each day I find some days much more inspiring and thought provoking than others.

My first real awakening happened on Day 8: The Power of Liberation.

The first week of the cleanse is intense. You really have to dig deep and face your past struggles and insecurities head on. I found this to be incredibly triggering for my depression, and needed to take a couple of days off. Unfortunately, this decision favoured my history of never finishing what I start.

It was on day 4 of my break that I realized – I am doing exactly what I set out to change. In order to form new habits and ways of thinking you need to purge the old counter productive ones. It’s like the old saying about insanity – doing the same things day after day and wondering why the heck nothing ever changes.

After struggling to find the strength to continue, I felt so blessed to have experienced this day of liberation!

It was a beautiful Spring morning. I had the perfect walk in the sun with my fiance, tossing the ball for the dog over coffee. After a long, cold winter it was wonderful to go without a jacket and feel the warm rays on my skin.

When I got home I wrote a letter to the past, releasing myself from its grips. I then gathered photos, letters, and other items. I wrote a separate note for every failed relationship, negative self view, painful memory, and anything else bringing unnecessary darkeness into my life.

Throughout the day, I set up a sacred space around my fireplace. Here surrounded by my favourite candles and incense, is where my ceremony would take place.


As the sun began to set, I began my cleansing ceremony. One by one, I burned each item. Accepting their roll in my existence for only a moment, and then releasing it to the universe as no longer my concern. I burned old photos of failed friend and romantic relationships, letters of debt or slander, null paperwork from failed wedding planning, my old business cards, and countless slips of note paper some with only names or dates and even a few things I still haven’t spoken allowed.


Once I had burned the past away, it was time to cleanse myself and begin anew. I took a long hot bath infused with milk and Epsom salts. I used my favourite face and hair masks, lit candles, and listened to a guided meditation for happiness and abundance.

On an average night I will lay in bed and watch a show before falling asleep. This time I avoided the pull of the tablet and read a book on goal setting instead.

I slept like a baby for 10 hours, and woke up feeling amazing!

The physical act of gathering the unnecessary baggage of my past and burning it to ashes has awakened a whole new light within me. I have finally made sufficient space for positivity and love.

I have now released to the universe all negativity and past experiences no longer serving me.

I recommend you give this book a read and challenge yourself to conquer the cleanse.


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