9 Ways I Prepare & Motivate Myself For The Week


I’ve spent a great deal of time rushing around frantically without enough hours and days. There is always so much to get done, and at times taking care of everything can seem like an impossible task.

When I get overwhelmed, I become the least productive person in history, plagued with guilt and self doubt, I feel stranded without a paddle.

My quest to a better life has forced me to become more observant, and there was one main thing I noticed successful people were doing differently.

They were preparing and planning for life before going out into it blindly. So, by stepping out into the world each week without a plan, I was unintentionally setting myself up to fail. I wasn’t working towards anything, so I wasn’t growing or achieving anything spectacular.

One of the most impactful changes I’ve made for myself and my life  been the way I approach the day to day. I see so much importance of stepping into the week with a fresh mind of goals and plans.

Here are 9 ways I prepare and motivate myself for the week ahead…

1. Set Goals to Accomplish

You need to have goals! What else is going to motivate you? If you go through life without goals, you arent working towards anything. A goal gives you purpose and makes a dream attainable. A big goal is a great place to start, but you need a plan, or a bunch of mini goals, to get there or else it’s just going to stay a dream.

Each week I set aside a couple short term goals for myself. They can be simple things like “Get outside” and “Draft x amount of blog posts”, “be involved in community” or “reconnect with a friend”. I will keep these in mind and use my to do list and schedule to plan my how and when. Each goal I chose might seem small, but they all tie in to my big ticket goal in some way.

2. Disconnect From Social Media

In our world of likes, comments, follows and scrolling over the wonderful lives of everyone else, it can be hard not base your self worth on numbers and lack of possessions.

On Sunday evenings I try my best to stay off my social media accounts. I just shut my Wi-Fi off and take some time to focus about myself and my own life.

3. Make A To-Do List

A new week is a blank page, and a new beginning. I have 7 days, work, errands, events, relationships, responsibilities and a bunch of other personal tasks to conquer this week.

Without a list, I will no doubt become overwhelmed by daily life. I have a lot of anxiety over taking on too much and becoming counter productive. If I make a list, I know exactly what I need to accomplish. Setting aside a relaxing time to think the week over, means I am far less likely to forget something.

4. Schedule My Time

Once I have a solid list of things I have done, I open up my day planner and start asking myself some questions. Can any of these be combined or simplified? What is most time sensitive? What is for my own happiness? Etc. These questions make it easier for me to plunk all these things into date and time slots.

Breaking things down into parts and scattering them across days makes everything seem so much more manageable.

5. Plan Rewards to Combat Potential Stress

Let’s be real, bad days happen. Even with the best of intentions I can end up letting my emotions get to me. Things break, plans fall through and people can be mean. That’s why I always plan myself a few little treats.

I always have a few extra bath bombs I know I can look forward to at the end of a stressful day. I also order take out once a week for something extra to  look forward to.

6. Clean & Organize My Space

I don’t know about you, but I have a serious problem with focus and getting down to business when my personal space is in disarray. Through out the week things can get crazy, so I always make sure to tidy up the house, and my office space on the weekend.

With a clean space, I can go into my week feeling accomplished! It also eases my mind when I’m less energetic on weeknights and might not feel so inclined to clean up. When I know the time is set already, I can worry about other things.

7. Relax & Enjoy “Me Time”

Sunday night is sacred to me. On Sunday night I have a relaxing bath, light  plethora of candles, burn some incense and listen to spa music. I do a face mask and deep condition my hair while I relax in the bath.

I leave the bath in time for bed feeling absolutely AMAZING. I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated, and sleep like a baby. When I wake up I feel ready to take on the week as my best self.

8. Gather & Prepare My Things

To make sure we eat well throughout the week, I always prepare at least a few lunches and the larger parts of meals on the weekend. Cooking things like sauce, ground turkey and rice ahead means I only spend a few minutes putting the meal together after a long weekday.

My other preparation swear by is planning my outfit, hair and accessories the night before. I am not a morning person, and if I can save some time and stress from the Morning rush I will. Right before I climb into bed I lay it all out. Even if I’m not going anywhere but out to run errands, I have less reason to stall getting up and going.

9. Bring the Excitement

Get excited for the week ahead! It’s a new week, full of 7 new days that you an do whatever you want with.

After setting my goals, making my to-do list and planning my schedule, I like to sit back and take it all in. As I read it over I invision myself having fun, and getting things done. If it’s not so exciting, like a meeting or appointment, I will think about what good I will take away from it.

I know it looks like a long list and a lot of work, but think of it like this: all habits are formed over time. You didn’t get into a counter productive routine or process over night….. But once you did, it became comfortable. The same will happen when you make an effort towards positive changes and routines.

If it wasn’t uncomfortable, it wouldn’t be worth it!

What does your prep for the week look like? Am I missing something? Let me know in the comments!


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