Stylish Home Organization & Decluttering Items Under $40



Something has been happening to me lately. Something hormonal, biological, embeded and surfacing, or whatever. (feel free to let me know if this is scientific or just crazy talk) It’s not quite biological clock time, so I’m assuming I have enter the nesting stage.

Not long ago I began to see my home differently. The giant basket by the door full of shoes became irritating, the piles of disorganized paperwork were spilling over and my college style decor no longer satisfied me. My home was a cluttered up mess! The allure of adulthood was calling.

So, what did I do? I got online and searched. I spent hours pinning and saving. I then spent hours cleaning, DIYing (future posts, don’t worry!) and studying up on affordable options to complete the task.

Here are some of my current favourite, stylish home organization and decluttering items all for under $40.




Hidden Hanging Storage Frame: $34.99

This chic white multi frame doubles as a sneaky hidden storage space for all sorts of hangable clutter. Perfect for foyer, bathroom, vanity space, basically anywhere!


Floating Vertical Wall Shelf: $24.99

This shelf is great on its own, or you can double or even triple up (why not for that price?) to vary your design. They are the perfect for displaying photos, books, flowers and whatever other stylish nick nacks.


Hexagon Wall Shelves: Set of 3 $26.99

If your living area or bed room needs a bit more personality… look no further! These trendy hexagon shelves can be dressed up in so many ways. Use them as an accent on a book shelf or side table, or hang them from the wall and dress them up with something colourful! They even come with traceable templates and removeable shelves.


Chalkboard Corkboard Message Board: $24.99

This is absolutely my favourite item on the list! A beautiful way to keep everything important hanging together in one place. A cork board for mail and memos, a chalk board for notes or quotes and hooks for keys, bags, scarfs, leashes, you decide!


On The Wall Hang Selves & Wire Baskets: $12.99-$16.99

This shelf comes in a variety of styles ranging in prices all ridiculously reasonable! Made from carbon steel; I love these for keeping clutter off the tables and counters.

I love a good deal, and honestly, I feel like some of these are too good to be true, let alone pass up! Hopefully, you find these items as alluring as I do.

Whats your favourite on the list? Comment below!

Remember, when you shop Avon, to search: to add me as your rep!



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